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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Story About YoonYul (Yoona,Yuri)

Hello semua... ermmmmm, cube baca tajuk tu.... ia bertulis " Story About YoonYul".. so,kita masih sambung dalam Korea-6... Yoona and Yuri...SnSD ea... jgn lupa!! nk tau cite dorang,kena tgk gamba dulu... silakan..

Now, the story is...

One day, i want to watch Yoona in Youtube... because she was too beautiful.. I type "Yoona and Yuri"... i want chose one of them.. suddenly, i found this video.. and the video tittle is "............. It's Kwon Yuri!!" (i was forget the tittle la..) the video said Yuri is the new member in SNSD... before this, Yoona and Hyoyeon will dance together because they have a boombastic DANCE!! but now, Yuri is taking Yoona place.. oh!! I know that is Yoona's Anti.. but, Yoona will never be sad.. she know that Yuri is better than her..

After that, i found the tittle video" Kwon Yuri is the Prettiest in SNSD.. No MOre YOOna!! I see... that was many people jealous with Yoona.. Yuri.. I know she was very pretty... but i think Yoona is better... they never fight.. they have a special relationship... i like them!!!


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